Nangarin Vineyard Estate
Picton, NSW, Australia

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The Nangarin Vineyard Estate is a combination of prestigious homes and vineyards located approximately 3 minutes from the centre of Picton, 100kms South West of Sydney, NSW.

The estate is the region's first residential vineyard project and one of the most popular rural residential concepts in Australia. Here the rural environment is carefully protected by a community management statement controlling building style, size and materials, and the positioning of the homes on their large rural lots. Relics of the area's history have been retained and sit comfortably among the estate's community facilities. The vineyards also link Nangarin to its past - Picton being the location where wine grapes were first grown in NSW.

This web site is to inform the residents about all aspects of the estate and activities that occur within the estate. It is also meant to make non-residents aware of the unique qualities of the estate.

Executive Committee Meetings (2016): The scheduled dates for Executive Committee meetings in 2016 are on February 3, and then the first Wednesday in April, June, August and October. The agendas will be posted here a few days before each meeting, and the meetings are held at the Nangarin Community Shed at 7:00pm. All residents are welcome to attend the EC meetings. Please review the agenda for the April 6, 2016 meeting .

The minutes from this and every ECM should be posted on the estate notice board in the BBQ area, within seven days of the meeting, and also available electronically if residents fill in the form requesting electronic copies of the minutes and the agenda. Also the minutes and the agendas are posted on the Simply Strata residents portal (StrataMax) but residents will need to contact Simply Strata to obtain login credentials.

An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) will be held on Saturday June 4 at 10:00am at the BBQ center, to report on important changes impacting the operation of the estate. Voting is required on resolutions for the future management of the vineyards. Also voting is required to determine whether to allow an NBN pole to be erected within the estate, giving high speed Internet access to all residents. Under the CMS one vote against such a proposal will defeat granting access to erect a NBN pole within the estate. Currently there are no other plans for Nangarin residents to gain access high speed Internet anytime in the foreseeable future. For more information on the EGM please read the May special newsletter. Normally the June EC meeting would have been held on Wednesday June 1, but due to the EGM this meeting has been pushed back to Wednesday June 15. The EC meeting agenda is posted here.

Nangarin Landcare Group (April 2016): The Nangarin Estate incorporates a number of significant nature corridors encompassing remnant Cumberland Plain Bushland and the western and northern banks of Stonequarry Creek which boarders the Estate. It was agreed at 2015 Nangarin AGM to form a Landcare Group within the Estate to address weed issues and regeneration of the native bushland. Expressions of interest are sought from residents willing to participate in the Landcare Group.

Residents interested in receiving direct email information on the Nangarin Landcare Group and/or participating in Landcare working groups are asked to complete the following form.

NBN Pole: (2016) At the AGM there was a vigorous discussion concerning whether to proceed with the construction of an NBN pole. Currently within Nangarin with the existing ADSL2+ network, the maximum download you can expect is 7-8 Mbps and many residents experience less than one Mbps due to the copper infrastructure between the local network box and the residents. If we are to proceed with the NBN pole then we could expect download speeds of around 20-21 Mbps and possibly up to 50Mbps (3 to 20 times faster than existing speeds). With NBN capability, residents can work from home, attend video conferences and take advantage of new and planned medical applications which can probably save lives. It is also an income stream for the estate. A community with NBN infrastructure does increase the sale value of individual properties due to increased demand from buyers for NBN capability. For the NBN to proceed we require unamious support from all residents. It is important to fully appreciate all objections to the pole such as aesthetics and EMI radiation, as well as the above benefits of having fast Internet. There are currently some objections to the pole however the EC is working with NBN and the subcontractor (Vision Stream) in addressing these concerns.

Newsletter: The "Grapevine" Nangarin estate newsletter is sent out approximately 2-3 times a year and contains all sorts of information including wine production, animal protection, new projects and social gatherings. From January 2008, the newsletter will be sent out via email only, and in order for you to receive the newsletter you will need to subscribe to our protected and non-spam newsletter service. Click here to signup and for more information. The most recent electronic copy was sent out in December 2015, containing all sorts of interesting information. If you missed your copy we suggest you signup for the newsletter so that you do not miss anymore copies.

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