Nangarin Vineyard Estate
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Fire Precautions and Fire Fighting Units (updated November 2018)

The issue of possible effects of bush fire on the estate and its residents continues to be a concern of the Executive Committee. Nangarin has established a Community Fire Unit and some members of the Estate have received training to be part of this unit. There are a number of fixed fire appliances throughout the estate and other mobile units. Only trained and authorised persons may use the equipment.

The NSW Rural Fire Service Bush FireWise Action plan involves taking preventative measures well in advance to protect your property, and ensuring everyone in the family understands their roles should a bushfire approach. For more information visit our Planning and Survival page.

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To determine if your property is at risk

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What happened in Nangarin in September 2006 is summarized in the following slide-show, and hence a good reason why should you follow the NSW Rural Fire Service guidelines in order to prevent such an occurrence happening again at Nangarin.

The Wollondilly Local Government Area, by the very nature of the environment poses fire risks to all residents. Unfortunately during 2006, our Community felt the full force of a local bushfire which came from the Lakesland area fuelled by a strong westerly wind. One house was totally destroyed, but in the true community spirit that is Nangarin, residents rallied and prevented any further loss.

Whilst there are a number of ongoing projects to prevent a re-occurrence, it is important that residents are aware of the risks and strategies available to protect our community. This is an ongoing concern and the committee is focused on ensuring this estate provides the best possible protection with a structured fire management plan and the acquisition of local appliances.

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