Nangarin Vineyard Estate
Picton, NSW, Australia

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The Nangarin Vineyard Estate is a combination of prestigious homes and vineyards located approximately 3 minutes from the centre of Picton, 100kms South West of Sydney, NSW.

The estate is the region's first residential vineyard project and one of the most popular rural residential concepts in Australia. Here the rural environment is carefully protected by a community management statement controlling building style, size and materials, and the positioning of the homes on their large rural lots. Relics of the area's history have been retained and sit comfortably among the estate's community facilities. The vineyards also link Nangarin to its past - Picton being the location where wine grapes were first grown in NSW.

This web site is to inform the residents about all aspects of the estate and activities that occur within the estate. It is also meant to make non-residents aware of the unique qualities of the estate.

Wombat Treatment: NEW A Wombat with mange lives in our area and was last seen in the nature corridor adjacent to the roundabout. The Wombat is being treated by volunteers using a treatment that is applied to its skin directly or remotely via a burrow flap device. If you see this Wombat please stay away from it and contact Wires local wildlife volunteer as in the link. WARNING: Do not touch this wombat or the burrow device. The burrow device contains Cydectin Pour-On. For more information. For Wollondilly WIRES call Wendy on 0499772616.

Executive Committee Meetings (2018): The scheduled date for the next Executive Committee meetings is Wednesday June 13, 2018, and then the first or second Wednesday in August and October in 2018. The agendas hopefully will be posted here a few days before each meeting. The location and time of the ECM is currently unknown but will be posted when known.

The minutes from this and every ECM should be posted on the estate notice board in the BBQ area, within seven days of the meeting, and also available electronically if residents fill in the form requesting electronic copies of the minutes and the agenda. Also the minutes and the agendas are posted on the Simply Strata residents portal (StrataMax) but residents will need to contact Simply Strata to obtain login credentials.

Estate trees:(new) No doubt residents would have noticed that the avenue of Poplar trees at the entrance to Nangarin have been removed and replanted with Ornamental Pears (Pyrus Calleryana Capital).
The Poplars were about 20 years old, had been through about 3 severe droughts and were showing their age. Indeed, many were dead and others had been uprooted by the wind. Many also were infested with borers. After Nangarin was established, the developers decided to hand the roads in the estate to the Council so that they could be patrolled by the police and Council also became responsible for the street scaling and trees on the footpaths.
The EC was aware that there was a tree problem and had written to Council abut 18 months ago requesting assistance with them but there had been no response.
This year the EC again sought assistance but this time through our Ward councillor, Robert Kahan. Before we knew it and without notice, Council had removed the old Poplars.
This turned out to be a win for the estate, because not only did Council remove the Poplars but they sourced the replacements in consultation with the Executive Committee and replanted them, at no cost to Nangarin.
At the moment the new trees are in their dormant months so again, in consultation with the tree experts at council, a watering program has been devised and this will be undertaken by our garden and lawn contractors.

NBN:(updated) If you want to be kept up to date with the progress of the NBN coming to Nangarin in 2018 please complete the following linked form so that we (NBN sub-committee) can advise you directly of the NBN progress via an electronic newsletter. The DA for the NBNCo tower was approved by council in January 2018. NBNCo are currently designing the tower infrastructure. The tower is expected to start in June/July and completed in the August/September timeframe, with connections expected to begin soon afterwards. For some light reading check out some information and plans associated with Fixed Line Wireless technology. Also here is an early copy of the Fixed Line Wireless equipment and installation guide. You will receive an updated copy of this once we go live.

New & prospective residents: If you are a new resident or considering buying a property in Nangarin, please review the information contained in the new residents section, especially the Community Management Statement (CMS) which are the by-laws that relate to the control and preservation of the essence or theme of the Community Scheme.

Nangarin Landcare Group: (updated). The Nangarin Estate incorporates a number of significant nature corridors encompassing remnant Cumberland Plain Bushland and the western and northern banks of Stonequarry Creek which boarders the Estate. It was agreed at the 2015 Nangarin AGM to form a Landcare Group within the Estate to address weed issues and regeneration of the native bushland. Expressions of interest are sought from residents willing to participate in the Landcare Group. Great progress has been made over the last 18 months.

For the latest information view the April 2018 Nangarin Landcare 'Bush News' & Project Report

Residents interested in receiving direct email information on the Nangarin Landcare Group and/or participating in Landcare working groups are asked to complete the following form.

Upcoming Wollondilly Events: The Wollondilly Council promotes some great events within our shire, including local farmer's markets, sporting events and workshops. For the full calendar of events.

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