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The Nangarin Vineyard Estate is a combination of prestigious homes and vineyards located approximately 3 minutes from the centre of Picton, 100kms South West of Sydney, NSW.

The estate is the region's first residential vineyard project and one of the most popular rural residential concepts in Australia. Here the rural environment is carefully protected by a community management statement controlling building style, size and materials, and the positioning of the homes on their large rural lots. Relics of the area's history have been retained and sit comfortably among the estate's community facilities. The vineyards also link Nangarin to its past - Picton being the location where wine grapes were first grown in NSW.

This web site is to inform the residents about all aspects of the estate and activities that occur within the estate. It is also meant to make non-residents aware of the unique qualities of the estate.

2018 AGM and BBQ/Xmas party: (new) On Saturday November 24, 2018 @ 10:00am, the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Nangarin Vineyard Estate - BBQ Area, followed by the BBQ and Xmas party at 12:30pm (new time). For catering purposes please RSVP for the BBQ and Xmas party by Wednesday November 21 @ 10:00pm.

Nangarin Vineyard "Lens Legacy" launch meets with approval (new) Sunday the 14th October, 2018 saw the release of the much awaited 2017 Nangarin Vineyard Estate wine. This was the first commercial harvest since 2006 when the wine was labelled under the Nangarin label. With the vineyard now being managed by a veteran of the industry, Darren Corradi, together with Southern Highland Wines (SHW), they have created an impressive label that captures the history of the Estate. This together with one of the Southern Highlands leading winemakers, Eddy Rossi, they have produced a quality chardonnay that has the potential to see the label grow.

Over 80 residents and friends celebrated the day with a quality Italian feast, complimented by many of the SHW labels, and of course ‘Lens Legacy’. The feedback from the residents was extremely positive with many requesting the lunch to become an annual event. We heard from Darren and Eddy about the quality of the grapes and the wine, with our Strata Manager, Frank Kirkpatrick joining with members of our Executive Committee acknowledging the efforts of all those involved.

Darren announced an offer, exclusive to the residents of Nangarin, with the purchase price of the wine at $15.00 per bottle with free delivery. The wine is expected to retail in selected outlets in the $22-$25 price range, with cellar door sales expected to reach $28.00 per bottle.

SHW will attend the conclusion of our upcoming Estate AGM on Saturday 24th November, 2018. Wines will be available to sample on the day, with single bottle and half cases (6) of ‘Lens Legacy’ being available for purchase on the day. Darren will be available to speak to residents who wish to know more about the wine. For more information about Southern Highlands Wines, go to

For residents wishing to order the wine, you can call SHW on 4868 2300 or email Be sure to provide your address details to secure the residents special pricing and free delivery within the Estate.

Looking forward to seeing more residents at future ‘vintage’ releases. Kind Regards and thank you for your continued support
Mark Wright, Mike Sayers, Dennis Roams, Mike Dunn and Greg Wright Nangarin Vineyard Sub Committee.

For a photo album from the launch.

NBN:(updated September 2018) The NBN is now available in Nangarin using fix-line wireless technology. Some families have already taken advantage of this and are online NOW. Initial tests indicate that download speeds are averaging 25Mbps and upload speeds around 7Mbps on typical plans and on the top end plans over 40Mbps download and 14Mbps upload. We believe, based on our NBN infrastructure, that these speeds will not drop as more residents signup. That's a minimum five to twenty or more times faster than residents are currently getting under ADSL2+. The estate has always had broadband issues especially with the residents living furthest away from the estate entrance. After an internal and external three year battle this is now behind us and everyone within the estate can now take advantage of reliable fast broadband. Apart from the obvious entertainment options, this now allows residents to take advantage of the more fundamental educational and healthcare applications that are being launched onto the market on a daily basis. CSIRO just released (September 12) a healthcare report which, amongst other things, highlights the importance of the digital technoloy role in improving our healthcare across all generations, especially in our senior citizens. A fast reliable broadband service is fundamental to any of this and we now have this in Nangarin. Apart from the obvious benefits, this can also lead to less commmuting and more quality family time.

For some light reading check out some information and plans associated with Fixed Line Wireless technology. Also here is a copy of the Fixed Line Wireless equipment and installation guide. You should receive an updated copy of this in the mail shortly.

Bushfire awareness:(updated for 2018-2019) The first six months of 2018 has been the driest since 1902 and it does not abode well for the fire risk for the spring and summer. Please visit the RFS site at which contains everything you need. This includes your bush fire survival plan and other applications. Download the most recent version of a survival plan template here!. Also here is a RFS list of current incidents within NSW where you can also enter the 2571 post code for local information. Finally NSW RFS have a series of phone apps which might be very useful for monitoring local fires, or just use the App. store to look for "Fires near us". Remember we lost a house in the estate in October 2006 from a bushfire so preparation is very important.

Nangarin Landcare Group: (updated). The Nangarin Estate incorporates a number of significant nature corridors encompassing remnant Cumberland Plain Bushland and the western and northern banks of Stonequarry Creek which boarders the Estate. It was agreed at the 2015 Nangarin AGM to form a Landcare Group within the Estate to address weed issues and regeneration of the native bushland. Expressions of interest are sought from residents willing to participate in the Landcare Group. Great progress has been made over the last 18 months.

For the latest information view the April 2018 Nangarin Landcare 'Bush News' & Project Report

Residents interested in receiving direct email information on the Nangarin Landcare Group and/or participating in Landcare working groups are asked to complete the following form.

New & prospective residents: (updated) If you are a new resident or considering buying a property in Nangarin, please review the information contained in the new residents section, especially the Community Management Statement (CMS) (multi-page searchable PDF file) which are the by-laws that relate to the control and preservation of the essence or theme of the Community Scheme. The pages that most impact new or existing resident's house or land plans under this "Architectural Scheme" are best covered from pages 4-14 of the CMS. A hard copy of the CMS can be obtained from Simply Strata by calling Frank Kirkpatrick on 4872 4488.

2018 AGM and BBQ/Xmas party: (new) On Saturday November 24, 2018 @ 10:00am, the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Nangarin Vineyard Estate - BBQ Area, followed by the BBQ and Xmas party at 12:30pm (new time). For catering purposes please RSVP for the BBQ and Xmas party by Wednesday November 21 @ 10:00pm.

Executive Committee: The EC is elected at the AGM on November 24, 2018. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help make the estate a better place please consider the following:

  1. Do you have some time to spare, approx. one hour per week ?
  2. Can you commit to attend 4 to 6 meetings a year ?
  3. Can you access emails on a regular basis, and contribute to the decision making that takes place in-between EC meetings?
  4. Can you take on a role outside of the committee meetings ?
  5. The duties of President, Secretary and Treasurer are outlined in the Community Management Statement (CMS) but other roles need to be filled:-
    Water Treatment Sub-Committee
    Vineyard Sub-Committee
    Maintenance and Lawns Supervision
    Landcare Supervision

Executive Committee Meetings (2018): The scheduled date for the next Executive Committee meetings is Wednesday October 10, 2018 at 7:00pm at 19 The Grange. The October ECM agenda is now posted. Residents are welcome to attend these meetings. For information on subsequent ECM's contact Frank Kirkpatrick on 4872 4488.

The minutes from this and every ECM should be posted on the estate notice board in the BBQ area and also emailed if residents fill in the form requesting electronic copies of the minutes and the agenda. Minutes are never posted on this website. Also the minutes and the agendas are posted on the Simply Strata residents portal (StrataMax) but residents will need to contact Frank at Simply Strata to obtain login credentials.

Upcoming Wollondilly Events: The Wollondilly Council promotes some great events within our shire, including local farmer's markets, sporting events and workshops. For the full calendar of events.

New Residents Click Here

until 2018 AGM @ 10:00am and Estate Christmas Party @ 12:30pm Sat., Nov 24
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