Nangarin Vineyard Estate
Picton, NSW, Australia

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New Residents - Welcome!

We would like to welcome all new residents to Nangarin Vineyard Estate. The purpose of this website ( is to make you aware of the estate facilities as well as some estate and district history. Enjoy!

You should receive a “Welcome Letter” from our strata managers, Simply Strata. You should have received a key to gain access to the tennis court and BBQ facilities from your vendor. If this did not happen, please contact the estate strata manager, Frank Kirkpatrick, at or call him on 4872 4488.

You are encouraged to read through the whole site and in particular you should go through the FAQ list as well as the web links and the archived newsletters.

We have attempted to make the web site as intuitive as possible so that no further explanation should be necessary.

If you would like to contact the estate executive committee, please send them an email.

Here are a summary of the site contents:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  2. Community Management Statement Covenant - reformatted Nov 2014
  3. Nangarin Strata Members Personal Login Page
  4. Lot numbers explained including a layout drawing.
  5. Wine Production
  6. Fire Precautions
  7. Landcare and Wildlife Care (WIRES)
  8. Dog Control
  9. 50K speed limit
  10. Newsletter archives
  11. Calendar of Events (including BBQ and Tennis Court bookings)
  12. Local Links
  13. Current estate projects

Here are a summary of the site slide shows:

  1. Overall estate photos
  2. Wildlife protection
  3. Wine production
  4. Fire precautions
  5. Tennis court & BBQ area
  6. Christmas lights
  7. Early house lot construction
  8. Early estate construction

until 2019 AGM @ 10:00am Sat., Nov 30
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